At Camel Park, you make your own birthday party package!


Birthday Booking Reservations Standard Prices

· Visiting the animals & unlimited time at the playgrounds
· 50% discount on Entrance for Adults & Children (Min. 40 people)
· Lunch/Dinner at the Restaurant:
· Order from the menu Camel Park Menu Click Here


· Birthday Buffet €8 Kids & €13 Adults (Min. 40 people)

The buffet includes oregano sticks, yogurt, tarama, tzatziki, tahini, olives, village salad, pourgouri salad, cabbage & carrot salad, rice, french fries, chicken nuggets, cocktail beef burgers, spring rolls, creamy pasta with bacon and sweetcorn, squid, chicken and pork kebab.

* Every Sunday, the park offers a snack buffet at the price of €14.00 for adults and €8.00 for kids. Only small birthday parties (max. 20 people) can join this buffet.

* Please note that we do not arrange any parties for Sunday lunch time or bank holidays.

* You can bring desserts and balloons but NO confetti, NO animator, NO drinks/ food of your own.