At Camel Park, you make your own birthday party package!


Birthday Booking Reservations Standard Prices

· Visiting the animals & unlimited time at the playgrounds
· 50% discount on Entrance for Adults & Children (Min. 30 people)
· Lunch/Dinner at the Restaurant:
· Order from the menu Camel Park Menu Click Here


· Birthday Buffet €8 Kids & €13 Adults (Min. 30 people)

The buffet includes bread, tzatziki, tahini, olives, village salad, rocket salad, pilaf, french fries, chicken nuggets, napolitana pasta, creamy pasta with bacon and sweetcorn, chicken and pork kebab.


* Please note that we do not arrange any parties for Sunday lunch time or bank holidays.

* You can bring desserts and balloons but NO confetti, NO animator, NO drinks/ food of your own.