General Questions

How much is the entry ticket?

€7.00 Adults & €5.00 Kids.

What are the working hours?

Every day from 9:00-sunset.

Is the park open on bank holidays?


Can we purchase the tickets online?

No, tickets are only available at the parks’ entrance.

Do I need to pre book?

No, you can come whenever you like.

Is it only camels at the park?

No, there are other animals too.

Should I pay extra for the camel ride?

Yes, it is € 7.00 extra for adults and € 5.00 extra for the kids.

Is there any other experiences with the animals?

Yes, pony ride, donkey ride, up-close lemur encounter, that are all € 5.00 extra each.

Can I feed the animals with my own food?

No, please do not feed the animals with your own food, as there can be important health risks. You can feed them only with food purchased from the parks’ entrance.

Is there a bus that comes directly to the park?

Bus number 407, from Larnaca’s main bus station.

Are dogs allowed?

No, sadly dogs are not allowed in the parks’ premises due to safety reasons.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?


Is the swimming pool included in the entrance ticket?